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Discover cut-paper art

Welcome to Fiona Scott-Wilson’s gallery. Her original cut-paper paintings capture the beauty of nature and the living world in vibrant colours and detail. They are now available as unique easy-to-hang canvas prints to enhance your home, adding colour and beauty. Also available are a range of products including cushions, mugs and bags featuring printed designs based on the original works.

Reflecting a love of nature and wildlife inspired by the “Arts and Crafts” movement, oriental design and the works of Matisse. Subjects explored include paintings of birds, animals and creatures, beach scenes, from the ageless beauty of strong women expressed with vibrant colours to the tranquil serene river bathers in the impressionist style, inspired by Monet.

Explore the gallery for an expanding range of canvas wall art, decorative cushions, mugs, bags and greeting cards.

Hands at Work – Fiona Scott-Wilson’s Cut Paper Painting process explored

Welcome – explore cut-paper painting

Fiona Scott-Wilson creates unique cut-paper paintings using coloured papers.

“A few years ago I decided to experiment with paper as a dry medium and create a new way of expressing myself. I swopped my paints for multi-coloured papers and my brushes with a scalpel. In the beginning my work was very simple graphic images and designs inspired by my favourite artist Matisse. Over time my style of work has continued to evolve and I use paper more like brush strokes in paint. I try and capture detail and  find accurate paper colours to create more complex and intricate “paintings” that are inspired by my love of nature, the living world, and my passion for design, notably William Morris and The Arts and Craft Movement, Japanese woodblocks, and oriental design.” – FSW

From the artist

“Cutting into colour reminds me of the sculptor’s direct carving.”

– Henri Matisse

Colour was not given to us in order that we imitate nature, it was given to us so that we can express our emotions.”

– Henri Matisse

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Discover a new range of greeting cards, easy to hang canvas prints and a selection of products.

Original cut-paper paintings require the same careful placement of colour and shape as painting but with a result that has specific clarity, dimension and texture. Original works are framed and are available from the artist for collectors. Popular and affordable stretched canvas easy-to-hang wall art is available to bring colour and life to white walls. Ideal for any room of your own home or as an unusual gift. Also available as greeting cards and a range of select products.

Canvas Wall Art now available

Decorate your room with a beautifully printed quality canvas stretched over a light wooden frame featuring cut-paper paintings are now available. Click on an image for more information and to place an order. Wall art is available in two sizes: 12x16inches and 24x18inches (or approximately A3 and A2).

Art cards for all occasions

Choose from our growing range of greeting cards. We offer smaller A6 cards and larger A5 cards so you can easily keep in touch with a colourful greeting message. Save when you buy more than one card in a single order as postage is only charged once. Discount coupons ARTCARD3, ARTCARD6 or ARTCARD12 for special discounts when you buy multiple cards.

Latest cards


“Matisse would have been proud of you for using the cut out coloured paper technique. Good composition, imaginative, lovely.”

“I’ve never seen cut-paper work before … a very beautiful craft. The textures apparent on the cats and the bird designs were excellent”.

“One of the best exhibitions I have seen. Very high standard of work.”

“Amazing – high-quality work.  Really astounded by current exhibition.”

“Delightful work, colourful and vibrant”

“Excellent art, very original”

“unique and talented artist”

Unusual gifts and products

Art works are also available for gifts, for example Wood Mice with Raspberries also available as:

Announcing … The Beach series

The Beach series celebrates life by the sea. The happy memories of childhood, women contemplating the sea or fiercely charging into the waves, exhibited in an exhibition in 2016. Now, the Beach series is being extended with new works that feature strong woman, standing proud. Click on a card below to place an order.

Discover new works in the Beach series

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Childhood Memories
Children on the Beach
Sandpipers Wading
Oyster Catchers Fishing
Ladies Ride the Waves
Thoughtful Bathers
Dancing Sea
Whispering Shell
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