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Preparing for the Exhibition

The Water Lilies series started with a visit to Paris, the Musee D’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie to see The Impressionists and Monet’s Waterlilies. Fiona returned to nature as a source of inspiration after extending the Beach Series and introducing the Bathers, which were explorations of Impressionist art through the Cut Paper method she has perfected. Leaving Only Footprints is a fine example of a new realism and use of new colours from Italian papers. The secret of good paper art is mostly technique, precision with cutting using a scalpel, and using fine grade multiple shades of papers with their subtle and strong colours is essential. The River Bathers explored refraction in water and featured the water lilies that became the locus of Fiona’s next series. Back to life, water birds and creatures in an eruption of colour and light, the expressions of animals serving as judgement on the viewer and yet giving you the sense that nature is not aware of your presence. The first of these works, The Great Egret was a return to large scale statements about nature.

The works that followed form the Water Lily Series. These have been selected for Exhibition in July – August 2023 and are now available as original framed works exclusively at the exhibition, or in our new range of stunningly beautiful Giglee Prints with ice-white mounting boards.

In celebration – for just a few days we are offering FREE POSTAGE on all qualifying Giclee Print orders for a few days with a gift of £10 off for any order over £50. The coupon code is PF992 – act quickly as there are a limited number of coupons available.

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British Contemporary Art

BritishContemporary.Art – an online Gallery 

Introducing BCA – an exciting new online multi award winning gallery curating a select group of British artists. The Gallery platform showcases and sells original artworks. 

BCA makes buying original artwork a safe, and easier process, even simpler than buying from traditional galleries. View original works from the comfort of your home. 

‘I am delighted to have been accepted by BCA as one of their selected artists. I am currently showing a catalog of some of my earlier Cut Paper works. My work continues to evolve with more complex and intricate cut paper “paintings” and are now available as collectable artworks from BCA’ – FSW

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The Water Lilies Series

Six original works in the Water Lilies Series have been confirmed in the Celebrating Art Group Exhibition at the Ilminster Arts Centre from July 11th until August 12th. We are pleased to announce this limited series of beautifully vibrant giclee prints signed by the artist, ready for framing with measured mounting and protective backing board.

Stretched Canvas

These works are also available in ready to hang stretched canvas.

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Hope for Turkiye

I was inspired by the extraordinary courage and bravery of the Turkish and Syrian people who came together to help save as many people as they could find under the enormous blanket of rubble after the earthquake devastated and destroyed large parts of their Country. 

I needed to create an image that would resonate universally by showing what is truly important to our existence when our lives are threatened by external forces. For me that was a mother hugging her children close, grabbing their family animals and favourite toys to find sanctuary during this shocking time.

 I wanted to capture the truly heartbreaking impact of what an earthquake brings, devastating chaos, pain and suffering, but also amazing unity, solidarity and humanity at its best.  Helping those in needs. What an amazing act of kindness to see that despite being under fierce Russian bombardment Ukraine still sent some of their own recovery teams to help Turkey. 

The posters are A2 – packaged in a hardened tube and cost £20 – now available

For every poster sold £5 will be donated to a Turkish and Syrian humanitarian aid charity. 

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Celebrating Ukraine

Ukraine Series Stretched Canvas celebrate Ukraine and two important folk artists who died during the war and the plight of refugees and the next generation. Orders of these works no only will give you a beautiful and significant art work to hang on your wall, but we will set aside 25% of our sales until March 15th and announce a donation to a Ukraine charity. See the full range here. Works are available as easy to hang stretched canvas in two sizes, signed limited edition giclee prints for framing or we can frame them for you. Buy today and help Ukraine.

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Tributes to Ukraine Artists

Cut Paper Tribute to Lyubov Panchenko
Cut Paper Tribute to Maria Prymachenko

Despite extreme opposition, Lyubov Panchenko dared to celebrate her Ukrainian identity through colorful folk art collages. Tragically, the 84-year-old artist died during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Not only is Maria Prymachenko among the 20th century’s great self-taught artists, she is an icon of Ukrainian national identity. Her fantastical paintings, praised during her lifetime by the likes of Pablo Picasso, are now found in some of the country’s most important museums. Her work has also been featured on postage stamps and her likeness is immortalized on commemorative coins.

You can now purchase stretched canvas and giclee prints of these and other Ukraine works.

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Hope for Ukraine

Edited and compiled by Tim Saunders (Creative Coverage)

This book, in celebration of Ukraine, is a fantastic group effort from over 40 contributors from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland and as far away as Australia. It features poems, short stories, famous quotes, art and sculpture around the theme of hope and freedom. All proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated by Tim Saunders Publications to the Sunflower of Peace Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the horrific invasion. This organisation provides medical and humanitarian aid and helps paramedics and doctors in the areas affected by the violence in Ukraine.

The book features the works of artists. Fiona Scott-Wilson’s four Ukraine works appear in full page plates at the start of the book and were part of the inspiration for this publication.

You can support Ukraine by buying the book on Amazon, the colour artworks are best featured in the full colour edition. Also available on Kindle.

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Ukraine Donation

Thank you all for the amazing response to our Ukraine Peace campaign. We have sold out of posters but still can take orders for tee shirts (as they printed on demand). We do have a small number of postcards left (so if you want to shame your MP into acting you can still order a packet of these until they run out).

But we need to draw a line, tot up the proceeds to make our charitable donations

£250 donated to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
£100 to Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal
$125 towards funding UNICEF’s work to support children affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

total charity support £475 made possible by your support

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In the news

Article published in Derbyshire Live

Derby artist raises funds through striking postcards

Fiona Scott-Wilson, an artist from Derby, has been busy raising funds for the Red Cross by creating a striking artwork.

Fiona said: “Precious Peace…. is my new cut paper designed to sell as an art poster with proceeds going to the Red Cross and postcards to bombard this Government to do more.

“I’m putting ‘Shame on you… do more’ on the back of the postcard.

“I will be printing a large batch of posters for people who may want to contribute to this tragic humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

“Designing this helped me in a small way. All artists have a visual voice and can convey many emotions without words. Please help if you can.”

The poster can be bought for £10 and a batch of six postcards for £5, all through Fiona’s website.

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Ukraine Appeal

Fiona Scott-Wilson has released a new cut-paper work and asked that all proceeds from it go to charity. FSW.Gallery has donated the printing of postcards and posters to the effort, and all proceeds of the sale of these will go to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal, so we invite you to buy postcards in packs of 6 (for £5) and posters for £10 each (for your wall or to place in the window of your business or home) to show you support Ukraine. Postage is optional in the UK (you can select free postage on checkout or pay the cost of postage). We have also made tee-shirts with the image available (and all profits for orders for these will also go to charity).