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Seasons of the Hare

Want to see how a cut-paper work is made? Fiona Scott-Wilson making the first of a new series, Autumn Hare in Latest

New Black and White works

Fiona has started a new series of Black and White cut-paper works, to see more, check Latest in the menu

Looking Up

New Cushion design

Black Swans and Water Lilies on a plush Wraptious cushion has been entered into a competition you can vote for! The entrants with the most votes are rewarded with a prestigious exhibition opportunity. You can buy this cushion from Wraptious here.

You can also Like and Share the entry on Facebook here.

St Paul de Vence

Famous and historic art village in France now has Fiona Scott-Wilson art!

More details

Cranleigh Celebrating Arts

The Creative Coverage Celebrating Arts exhibition featuring six artists including Fiona Scott-Wilson opens on September 16th.

More details

Ilminster Celebrating Art Exhibition

See the video of the exhibition

British Contemporary Art

Fiona Scott-Wilson has been accepted by the prestigious online gallery. A range of her framed original works are now available. More…

Water Lilies Series Exhibition

The six original works in the Water Lilies Series have been confirmed in the Celebrating Art Group Exhibition at the Ilminster Arts Centre from July 11th until August 12th. These are available as artist signed colour accurate beautiful giclee prints, ready for framing. Click here to find out more… and check Latest for a limited offer for Giclee Prints.

Flight of Cranes

Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

Ukraine Artworks and Appeal

Celebrating Ukraine – read more

Tribute to Ukraine Artists
BOOK: Hope for Ukraine book

Fiona’s work is featured in a new book, Hope For Ukraine. Her significant Ukraine series celebrates the spirit of the Ukraine people, pays homage to two significant Ukraine artists and raised money for Ukraine charities.

New editions of Canvas Print editions of the Ukraine series are available in UK, EU and the USA. We will hold the prices for these for as long as possible.


“Matisse would have been proud of you for using the cut out coloured paper technique. Good composition, imaginative, lovely.”

“I’ve never seen cut-paper work before … a very beautiful craft. The textures apparent on the cats and the bird designs were excellent”.

“One of the best exhibitions I have seen. Very high standard of work.”
“Amazing – high-quality work.  Really astounded by current exhibition.”

“Delightful work, colourful and vibrant”
“Excellent art, very original”
“unique and talented artist”
“Absolutely stunning!” – Minnesota Museums and Art

Art Quotes

“Cutting into colour reminds me of the sculptor’s direct carving.”

– Henri Matisse

Colour was not given to us in order that we imitate nature, it was given to us so that we can express our emotions.”

– Henri Matisse

“If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.“

William Morris – Arts and Crafts Movement founder

By creating these colored, paper cutouts, it seems to me that I am happily anticipating things to come. I don’t think that I have ever found such balance as I have in creating these paper cutouts. But I know that it will only be much later that people will realize to what extent, the work I am doing today is in step with the future.

– Matisse

Fiona Scott-Wilson cut-paper artist

Fiona Scott-Wilson qualified with distinction as a graphic designer at Lincolnshire College of Art and Design.  She has worked in many art mediums and explored different styles of working over the years, undertaking commissions to design for Tesco Finest Chocolate range, a prestigious Vodka brand commissioned by Arbiki and many others.

Fiona Scott-Wilson left the UK in 2006 to create an art retreat to paint in Italy and France. In 2014, she started to explore new ways of expression and was inspired and influenced by the artist Henri Matisse, who made cut-paper a viable art form. Fiona swapped her brushes for a scalpel and paints for coloured textured papers. Initially creating bold, colourful, simple graphic works that reflected her love of nature. Her influences are: the Living World, the Arts and Crafts movement, Japanese woodblocks and Oriental design.

 In recent years Fiona’s cut-paper artworks have continued to evolve with more complexity and detail. She uses paper more like a brush stroke in paint, using a scalpel with more precision to hand cut intricate fine details, like shades of fur, flower petals and feathers using a diverse palette of multiple shades of coloured papers to create an elaborately unique artwork, a “cut-paper painting”. 

Every component piece is carefully hand cut and positioned in place, to create a harmonious,  colourful and unique image . Movement and moments are captured in the living world and collected into themed series such as The Water Lilies,  The Autumn Series, The River Bathers inspired by Monet’s works exhibited at l’Orangerie and Impressionists collection at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. These series and works are viewable in the Gallery.

Fiona Scott-Wilson’s sought after originals are available only through direct contact with the artist. In the first instance please email your enquiry to

High quality giclee prints and greeting cards are available, click the link in Shop for sale.  

Beautiful Giclee Prints

Browse our range of inspired works and discover a rich tapestry of vibrant colour and design that will enhance the beauty of your home with collectable, investable art prints created with the colour accurate giclee process, creating a fascinating talking point to share with family and friends. Invest in original, beautifully crafted works of art.

Add a truly unique piece of art to your home. Printed with precision on archival quality paper a limited range of signed prints. A tasteful oak framing is available as an option or the print only if you wish to make arrangements with your local framer.

Large Greeting Cards

Curate your own sense of style and choose your cut-paper painting from the gallery. Discover works following the Arts and Crafts Movement in the style of William Morris and the Pre-Raphelites. Or, a contemporary East meets West take on Japanese Woodcuts and World of nature influences, plus works inspired by the impressionists including Monet and Matisse. 

Stretched Canvas (simple to hang)

Ideal for your budget, easy-to-hang and remove (using a command strip, be kind to walls).

Hands at Work – Fiona Scott-Wilson’s Cut Paper Painting process explored
  • Seasons of the Hare
    Announcing the first of four new works for a series called Seasons of the Hare, Autumn Hare with a new video showing it being made and narrated by Fiona Scott-Wilson. Autumn Hare by Fiona Scott-Wilson 2024 Winter Hare by Fiona Scott-Wilson 2024
  • More Black and White works
  • Black and White
    A new exhibition is in progress with a new cut-paper process that is all black and white.
  • 2024 Exhibitions
    Fiona Scott-Wilson and a group of artists are planning exhibitions in 2024. Watch out for details.
  • Christmas cards
    Get your Christmas Card packs for a very special price until the end of November!