Precious Peace Poster


A2 Printed on Silk Paper, ready to hang

Precious Peace is my cut-paper work dedicated to the brave and courageous people of Ukraine. This war is a desperate tragedy for so many people and deeply heartbreaking because it is always the innocent who suffer the most. I wanted to reflect an image of mother and child surrounded by sunflowers of hope, which is the Ukrainian national flower, on a background of the colors of their national flag and crest. 

All proceeds will go to the British Red Cross to help with the humanitarian crisis unfolding daily.

We can all help in small ways.


A2 poster of Precious Peace  – a print of a cut-paper original artwork by Fiona Scott-Wilson, £10 each (postage free)

Early orders may receive more than one poster!   Get your order in quickly as all stock must move urgently!  This is partly for fund raising but also awareness raising.  If you have bought a poster and need more you can email

(we have a suggestion for extra copies: If you take a poster to a local shop or take-away food bar, they may consent to putting it up in their window).


“As an artist I felt I had a moral responsibility to do something to contribute towards the humanitarian rescue effort.  As artists we have a visual voice that conveys emotions without words.” – FSW


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