Great Egret and Water Lilies – Limited Series Giclee Prints with custom mountboard


Print is signed by artist and supplied with a angle-cut mounting board ready for framing.

“Great Egret and Water Lilies” is another work in the Water Lilies series. I wanted to feature a beautiful, elegant, long legged bird, gracefully wading in water, surrounded by water lilies and pads, with whispering bulrushes waving in the breeze, framing the bank of the pond. Marsh marigolds are nodding their golden heads to the rhythm of the water, stillness and movement, teeming with life. 


This edition is a full-frame edition of Great Egret and Water Lilies printed with the colour accurate giclee process available now for art lovers and collectors.  Free UK postage.

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Premier Feature: A2 image with border, Wall Art: A2 with A3+ image, Standard: A3 with A4+ image


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