Limited edition artist signed “Hope for Turkiye” A2 Poster (includes donation to charity)


I was inspired by the extraordinary courage and bravery of the Turkish and Syrian people who came together to help save as many people as they could find under the enormous blanket of rubble after the earthquake devastated and destroyed large parts of their Country. 

I needed to create an image that would resonate universally by showing what is truly important to our existence when our lives are threatened by external forces. For me that was a mother hugging her children close, grabbing their family animals and favourite toys to find sanctuary during this shocking time.

 I wanted to capture the truly heartbreaking impact of what an earthquake brings, devastating chaos, pain and suffering, but also amazing unity, solidarity and humanity at its best.  Helping those in needs. What an amazing act of kindness to see that despite being under fierce Russian bombardment Ukraine still sent some of their own recovery teams to help Turkey. 

The posters are A2 – packaged in a hardened tube

For every poster sold £5 will be donated to a Turkish and Syrian humanitarian aid charity. 

In stock


A2 with white border poster on 230gram matt paper


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