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Why Buy from FSW Gallery

You may ask: why buy from FSW Gallery? Because you are buying direct from the artist. Fiona Scott-Wilson’s hands make images and Software Antelope Ltd (her partner’s company) provides an online infrastructure for her to get her superb works out to the public at an affordable price. We work as a team with the artist to build a supportive online infrastructure. We keep prices accessible to the average person, and experiment with content format, advertising and social media to find successful ways to market the arts in today’s troubled world. What is art when there is a family to feed? We appreciate that life is hard for the many, but children who grow up with art and nature may develop awareness about the world and care about their future. We believe strongly that social development is strongly linked to an appreciation of value and aesthetic development is crucial. Bringing colour and life into the living rooms of your family and friends is an expression of love and connection during these times when we can not be together. There is something wonderful about receiving a message in an art-card that itself can be framed and kept or enjoyed even briefly. We print art cards for that purpose, both small inexpensive ones and large ones for display.

We would love to hear from you with your ideas of things we could offer to you, what you would love to see – for example one customer asked Fiona if she had made any works with hedgehogs. You can imagine that cut-paper as a medium would be a challenge with a creature with thousands of spines! Of course she had not, but she was inspired to make a custom image and made a 73 year old lady very happy.

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